Parking Commission now issuing parking tickets every 2 hours #FTMM

The Clarksville Parking Commission started issuing parking tickets every two hours. Previously, one parking ticket would be issued per day but the City Code allows for violations every 2 hours. Per meeting minutes, the change was brought about by the City Accounting Manager and Roxy Director.

As of October 8th, the Clarksville Parking Commission is issuing parking tickets every two hours. Previously, one parking ticket would be issued per day. The parking commission is comprised of five residential members, Mildred and Mable’s Andrea Herrera, Carol Clark, Yada on Franklin co-owner Morgan Knight, Roxy Regional Theatre Executive Director Ryan Bowie and Ward 7 City Councilman Travis Holleman.

2-hour parking tickets August 8th
2-hour parking tickets August 8th

At the June 18th meeting, Jon Flores, who was maintaining the meters until recently, pointed out that they could begin giving violations every two hours rather than just once a day. He suggested this during a conversation where Bowie mentioned complaints about businesses “allowing” employees to park and take up spaces forcing customers to park further away.

At the August 4th meeting of the commission, City Accounting Manager Regina Hampton brought the City Code two hour allowance up again, noting that it had been difficult to enforce because of the now deactivated sensors. Bowie asked when that could begin and Hampton said as soon as it is voted into place.

The 2-hour penalty was not brought up again in the commission’s agendas or minutes, yet meter revenue agents began issuing violations every two hours by October 8th. When asked why a car was observed being ticketed at 8 a.m. and again at 11 a.m., the Parking Commission responded via e-mail “Per the city code all citations issued are eligible to be reissued every 2 hours. Please see the attachment”.

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