City Mayor: “County Mayor’s legal order on masks and signs is more than a suggestion”

Law enforcement agencies and building inspection departments for Montgomery County and the City of Clarksville will begin stressing that businesses must post signs requiring the public to wear face coverings.

Despite mandate, police & city’s elite refuse to mask up

Despite a mask mandate being in place with full support from both mayors, it is largely being ignored throughout the city. Law enforcement officers are responding to calls without masks, local politicians and business owners are mingling for hours unmasked and not socially distanced at various events drawing hundreds of the city’s elite.

County Mayor restores mask mandate in Montgomery County

Today, Oct. 27, 2020, Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett signed Emergency Order #21 to restore the wearing of face masks by all residents in Montgomery County.

Mayor renews mask mandate hours after violating it

Mayor Jim Durrett disregards his own mask mandate while swearing in Wendy Davis as the interim circuit court clerk.