Mayor renews mask mandate hours after violating it

Mayor Jim Durrett disregards his own mask mandate while swearing in Wendy Davis as the interim Circuit Court Clerk on August 14th.

On August 14th, County Mayor Jim Durrett swore in interim Circuit Court Clerk, Wendy Davis. Davis has been working the past 24 years as the Montgomery County Chief Deputy Clerk. She will sit as the interim clerk until Montgomery County residents vote in a new clerk on November 3rd. The Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of electing Davis to the position at their formal County Commission meeting on August 10th that was closed to the public due to COVID-19. She began serving as interim on August 16th, following the retirement of Cheryl Castle. The same day, Mayor Durrett signed Executive Order #15, which makes it mandatory to wear a mask in public within Montgomery County. However, he is seen in multiple photos within close proximity to Davis while swearing her in with neither of them wearing masks.

We reached out to Mayor Durrett’s office with a few questions, one of which was to determine how far they were spaced from each other during the process of swearing her in. One of our reporters inquired about the mayor’s shoe size to determine how far they were apart in the photo posted on social media. Our reporter was told the question was illegitimate and were hung up on. Mayor Durrett’s Chief of Staff, Kyle Johnson, skirted around direct questions, would not divulge any further information regarding the situation, and would not freely offer any statements to Scoop Media Group. We then reached out to Ms. Davis’ office after she had taken up the position. They confirmed she was sworn in at 11:00 a.m. in the Circuit Court Clerk offices. We received the press release announcing the extended mask mandate around 3:30 p.m. The Circuit Court office staff and a few family members were in attendance.

Janel Helms

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One Thought to “Mayor renews mask mandate hours after violating it”

  1. Jan

    His stupid mandates are unconstitutional, and go against what we know about the virus. BUT, this is just one more example of how their are laws for HIM and his family, and for the rest of us. it has become a running joke in the family as to how many days the mayor will extend the mask mandate. He will do this crap as long as he is able to get away with it.


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