New York man charged in Clarksville for harassment

33-year-old Zane Gardner was charged with harassment when a report was filed alleging he had incessantly called and texted all day at extreme hours and would not stop when asked.

Clarksville man caught hiding hair clippers at Walmart

32-year-old Terrez Morris was charged with resisting arrest after he was found hiding hair clippers he tried to steal at Walmart and when police tried to detain him, he continuously pulled away and had to be taken to the ground.

Couple gives police the phone number of the Electrolux employee who sold them fentanyl

28-year-old Glenn McLaurin was charged with two counts of possession of fentanyl with intent, possession in a drug-free zone, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a firearm with intent after his phone number was given to police by Sean Crowe after he was arrested for possession and child neglect.

Clarksville man threatens to burn his trailer down with everyone inside

32-year-old Jeffery Holt was charged with almost setting his trailer on fire after telling his girlfriend that he would burn the house down with everyone inside.

Clarksville man charged for stalking ex-girlfriend for the third time

45-year-old Elias Mejia was charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend for the third time by sticking letters addressed to her from him in her mailbox.

Joey Dasinger announces run for Clarksville City Council Ward 5

Joey Dasinger ​ has announced his candidacy for Clarksville City Council in Ward 5 in the November 3rd election. Joey has been a resident of Clarksville since 2013, along with his wife and three children. He is running his campaign on the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and individual liberty.

Woman recently released; back in jail after group home kicking frenzy

49-year-old Erica Hetzer was charged with two counts of domestic assault after a kicking rampage at a group home she was in after being released from jail.

Clarksville teen charged with domestic assault when ex says she scratched his face

19-year-old Kyana Bess was charged with domestic assault when she and ex-boyfriend turned roommate got into an argument about him moving out. He said he pushed her and she scratched his face.

Antioch woman steals car, says she will crack owner’s head open with rock from purse

19-year-old Poni Taban was charged with domestic aggravated assault and theft of a motor vehicle after threatening to hit a man with a rock and stealing his car.

Lovers’ spat ends in thrown phone and assault charges

21-year-old Christopher Freeman was charged for domestic assault, vandalism, and resisting arrest after he threw a cell phone at his girlfriend during an argument, per report.