Man threatens to kill himself and wife while in the backseat of a friend’s car

Feat Young Cole

25-year-old Cole Bradley Young was charged with domestic assault after threatening to harm his wife and himself during an argument while being driven home from the Electric Cowboy.

Teen gives police ultimatum: arrest neighbor or she gets shot; police choose her instead

19-year-old Haley Puckett was charged with aggravated assault after attempting to run over her neighbor with her truck and threatening to shoot her if the police did not arrest her.

Soldier stomps another in the face during dispute over jacket

20-year-old Destyni Trevino and 23-year-old Shamell Frias were charged with domestic assault after fighting over clothing.

Drunk pulled from “wreck” in Walmart parking lot

25-year-old Tomas Barrientos was charged with driving under the influence after wrecking his vehicle while he was asleep and intoxicated behind the wheel in the Fort Campbell Walmart parking lot.

Man clobbers girlfriend in response to losing CD’s

57-year-old William Beasley was charged with domestic assault after he and his girlfriend, Wanda Proctor, engaged in a physical altercation when Beasley accused her of stealing some of his CDs and headphones.

Fugitive provides police with meth while in patrol car

28-year-old Sharon Priess was charged with possession of meth after being pulled over with outstanding warrants.