Woman claws her way past ex in an attempt to attack his new female roommate

22-year-old Serena Quesada was charged with domestic assault after she scratched and pushed her way into her ex-husband’s house, looking for his female roommate.

Teen punches officer in face after fleeing on foot and ditching his empty Four Lokos

Feat Fearn Ian

19-year-old Ian Collin Fearn was charged with assault on an officer, criminal impersonation, public intoxication, evading and resisting arrest after punching an officer to escape after lying about his identity.

Man yells “Don’t tell the police!” as he runs from the woman he assaulted

52-year-old Ricky Borders was charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism after he kicked in his ex-girlfriend’s front door, physically assaulted her, and stole her cell phone while running away and yelling, “Don’t tell the police!”

Driver charged after having a morning Four Loko

39-year-old Spencer Robinson was charged with driving under the influence after admitting to drinking a Four Loko before driving down Providence Boulevard.

Designated driver charged with first DUI

25-year-old Justin Paikoff was charged with driving under the influence after he told police he was his friend’s designated driver, and he blew a .051 on a breathalyzer test.

Man holds minor to wall by her throat, per 3 children’s report

feat Gonzales, Joseph

38-year-old Joseph Gonzales was charged with aggravated domestic assault after his girlfriend’s children reported that he clutched and lifted up a 17-year-old girl by her throat and pressed her up against a wall.

Man charged after he prevents his girlfriend from answering the door

feat Smith Demarcus

35-year-old Demarcus Smith was charged with false imprisonment when a juvenile called 911 to report a disturbance for her aunt. Smith prevented the female to answer the front door by standing in front of her and blocking her access.

Woman bangs on another’s door for help; charged when she tells police there is a body nearby

29-year-old Katina Hegger was charged with theft of property and vandalism after she broke a woman’s front window, claimed there was a dead body nearby to authorities, and was found to have an active warrant for theft.