Hopkinsville man stumbles in front of Walmart Neighborhood Market

21-year-old Antonio Harris was charged with possession of marijuana, public intoxication, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after witnesses saw him fall twice trying to go inside Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Man crashes on I-24; admits he smoked marijuana before he left for Nashville

38-year-old Moises Quinones was charged with simple possession of marijuana, paraphernalia, and driving under the influence when he admitted to smoking marijuana before he crashed his vehicle on I-24 near mile marker 9.

Man caught carrying two ounces of marijuana when rolling through a stop sign

27-year-old Marquez Hoosier was charged with felony possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and disregarding a stop sign after not fully stopping at Old Dover Road intersection.

Naked man found parked in neighbor’s driveway attempts to resist arrest

61-year-old Charles Haywood was charged with aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, unlawful drug paraphernalia, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest when his neighbor finds him in his vehicle completely nude with a crack pipe.

Burglar says he stole backpacks from a Jeep to stop other people from breaking into it

50-year-old Terry Latham was charged with vehicle burglary and possession of marijuana after he broke into a car, stole two backpacks, then told police he only did it to stop other people from doing it.

Soldier charged with pot possession and firearms after neighbor receives smelly package

31-year-old Donovan Burks was charged with possession of marijuana for resale, possession of a firearm during a felony, and unlawful drug paraphernalia after a “victim” received a package smelling of cannabis addressed to Mr. Burks.

Alabama man threatens to shoot people at Quality Inn over cold food, later caught with THC

53-year-old Wylie Hyatt was charged with simple possession after he was reported for threatening to shoot people at Quality Inn because of cold food and was caught with a canister containing tetrahydrocannabinol.

Man found with marijuana during booking at Montgomery County Jail

54-year-old Charles Sebree was charged with violating his conditions of release and contraband in a penal institution after he was found to be in possession of THC while being booked at the Montgomery County Jail.