Burglar says he stole backpacks from a Jeep to stop other people from breaking into it

50-year-old Terry Latham was charged with vehicle burglary and possession of marijuana after he broke into a car, stole two backpacks, then told police he only did it to stop other people from doing it.

On August 16th, a witness called 911 and stated a man was breaking into a 1999 Jeep across the street from the Salvation Army on Kraft Street. The witness then followed the man when he pulled away and ended up pulling into the Bargain Hunt on Riverside Drive. When the officer made contact with Latham he stated he was taking some bags out of the vehicle because he heard other people talking about breaking into it.

Terry Latham (MCSO)
Terry Latham (MCSO)

Latham had two backpacks belonging to Anthony Cooke. Cooke advised the officer that no one had permission to enter his vehicle and collect his property. Therefore, Latham unlawfully entered the vehicle of Cooke and took his property. When Latham was searched, a baggy filled with a green leafy material was recovered which field-tested positive for THC.

Terry Latham was arrested and charged with vehicle burglary, possession of marijuana, and two counts of violating his conditions of release. His bond was set at $27,000.

Bella Shedio

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