Man caught walking around with stolen purse with the victim’s ID still inside

20-year-old Cedrick Johnson was charged with burglary of a motor vehicle when a neighbor witnessed a car being broken into and a black object removed. Police later caught him walking in the area with a purse containing the victim’s wallet and ID’s.

On August 14th, a witness reported she observed her neighbor’s car at 239 Camden Crossing being broken into. The witness also stated a black item was removed from the vehicle. When police arrived in the area, they caught Cedrick Johnson walking around the area with a purse.

Cedrick Johnson (MCSO)
Cedrick Johnson (MCSO)

When searching the purse they found the victim’s wallet and IDs. The witness that reported the incident confirmed Johnson was indeed the individual seen committing the burglary. During a recorded interview, Johnson admitted to stealing the items from the victim’s car at 239 Camden Crossing.

Cedrick Johnson was arrested and charged with burglary of a motor vehicle. His bond was set at $10,000.

Bella Shedio

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