Man reportedly pushes wife down the stairs over a text message

22-year-old Daniel Knight was charged with domestic assault after reportedly pushing his wife down the stairs, twisting her ankle, and punching her in the head.

On August 13th, Officer Kirill Annikov was dispatched to 818 Prewitt Lane for a domestic incident. When they arrived Daniel Knight was nowhere to be found, but Victoria Knight was located in the apartment. She explained that they had an argument over a text message she confronted him about. Mr. Knight attempted to take his phone from his wife and that’s when the argument got physical. Mrs. Knight said he shoved her and she hit her back on the nightstand. He took his phone back and she tried to get away from the fight. According to her account, Mr. Knight shoved her again and she fell, rolling down several steps.

Daniel Knight (MCSO)
Daniel Knight (MCSO)

Mrs. Knight claimed her husband then grabbed her ankle and twisted her foot which caused her to scream in pain, and also hit her on the head twice before leaving the apartment. Mr. Knight was called and convinced to come back and explain what happened from his point of view. He spoke to the officer in the parking lot and agreed with his wife about how the argument started.

However, he claimed that he lost his balance when trying to get his phone back, which caused both of them to hit the nightstand. Mr. Knight also denied pushing his wife down the stairs and hitting her. He said that once he got his phone he just left the apartment. The couple has a history of domestic trouble calls.

Daniel Knight was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $500.

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