Woman strikes her child’s father and flees out of his window

26-year-old Mecara Claybrooks was charged with domestic assault after striking her child’s father in the face and fleeing through his window.

Family man charged after assaulting his brothers and their mother

50-year-old David Bland was charged with three counts of domestic assault after punching one brother, kicking the other, and seizing his mother by the arm after a verbal altercation.

Man tells sister he will “kill her and slit her throat” during an argument

21-year-old Tyler Johnson was charged with aggravated assault and Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia after he made a statement about killing his sister during a verbal argument.

Woman knocks out husband’s screen door during argument about their child

34-year-old Shalanda Robinson was charged with domestic assault after she kicked the glass out of her husband’s screen door during an argument about their child.

Woman defends self with tweezers and grabs man’s testicles over radio equipment

35-year-old Heather McGill was charged with domestic assault after she was involved in a physical altercation over selling radio equipment where she wrestled a male victim, grabbed his testicles, and defended herself with tweezers.

Clarksville man tackles girlfriend during dispute, per report

32-year-old Harold Chaffin was charged with domestic assault after tackling his girlfriend during a verbal altercation that turned violent on Fairfield Drive. Chaffin’s girlfriend reportedly suffered injuries to her head, wrist, and elbow.

Mother charged with using cord to hit son “to get him to leave her house”

45-year-old Claudia Hervas was charged with domestic assault after she used a cord to hit her son to get him out of her Cyprus Drive home, per report.

Clarksville man charged after argument turns into road rage

38-year-old Deangelo Collins was charged with aggravated assault after a heated argument with a woman about his girlfriend turned into a dangerous road rage incident.

Couple fights and police get involved, both charged with domestic assault

28-year-old Jack Lueders and 29-year-old Chantal Orosco-Lueders were charged with aggravated domestic assault after he told police she grabbed his throat and shirt, while she said he grabbed her arm, threw her to the ground, and held her by the throat. Police were not able to determine a primary aggressor.

Argument involving an electric razor goes too far; both subjects taken into custody

28-year-old Sara Jones was charged with domestic assault after an argument involving an electric razor turned physical.