Boyfriend assaulted after woman didn’t realize he already cooked her breakfast while she slept

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43-year-old Veronica Felix was charged with domestic assault after an argument with her boyfriend turned physical over breakfast food.

On October 18th, Clarksville Police Officer Heather Boyce responded to a domestic assault call at 745 Tracy Lane. Upon arrival, contact was made with both Veronica Felix and Eddie Brown. Brown stated he made breakfast that morning for his daughter, Felix, and himself. Thinking that Felix was still asleep, he placed her plate in the microwave. Shortly after, Felix walked into the kitchen angry thinking he did not make anything for her. She slapped a glass of orange juice out of his hand and threw a plate of food onto the floor that was sitting on the kitchen counter.

Veronica Felix (MCSO)
Veronica Felix (MCSO)

According to the affidavit, Felix then went into the bedroom and decided to take the totes that Brown had packed up and moved them into the front room. Brown went to help move the totes when Felix stated that she did not want any help. She then grabbed Brown as he was going down the hall, stood in the doorway, and refused to move out of the way.

Brown then turned around to push Felix out of the way using his backside and pushed with his legs. During this altercation, Felix grabbed him once again, scratched his left arm, chest, and the back of the neck to prevent him from helping her move her stuff. Officers noted that Brown had visible injuries on him.

Veronica Felix was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on a $500 bond.

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