Man, irate over an extra month’s rent, charged after threatening to shoot wife and friend

22-year-old George Forest was charged with domestic assault after reportedly threatening to blow his wife’s brains out during a prolonged argument about him being responsible for an extra month of rent.

Man breaks windows out of ex’s trailer and gets caught with “a large piece of wood”

28-year-old Marvin Henderson was charged with vandalism after he was caught punching out the windows of his ex-girlfriend’s trailer, and he was seen carrying wood.

Duo found with 156 grams of meth and much more found near elementary school

38-year-old Bernard Roberson and 22-year-old Kristin Yazzie were charged with possession of meth, Xanax, and hydrocodone after a police service dog conducted an open-air sniff at a traffic stop near Rossview Elementary.

Man seen pushing ex down stairs so hard she “flew,” per report

26-year-old John Carnegie was charged with domestic assault after a witness told police that he pushed his ex-girlfriend down the front porch stairs.

Man charged after being found asleep with vehicle in drive; found with 3 types of drugs

31-year-old Trevor Combs was charged with possession of methamphetamine and suboxone, and possession without a prescription after he was found asleep at the wheel with the vehicle in drive, and his car was searched with probable cause from a K9.

Drunk charged after believing police want to hurt him at Walmart bus stop

35-year-old Justin Bulle was charged with public intoxication after he was found stumbling around, barely intelligible, and he tried to leave the presence of officers because he believed they wanted to hurt him.

Mother and daughter’s fight over gambling ends with mom in custody

60-year-old Nisihti Mesghina was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly pushed and kicked her daughter several times during an argument that started over gambling, then ended with discussions about a television being too loud.

Woman stops husband from leaving a reportedly physical fight by standing behind his car

30-year-old Jasmine Ells was charged with domestic assault after reportedly slapping and pushing her husband then preventing him from leaving their home.

Young couple booked together after woman refuses to let boyfriend leave during argument

19-year-old Jenna Tanner and 20-year-old Brent Tucke were both charged with domestic assault after Jenna tried to prevent her boyfriend from leaving, and in response, he “smashed her head into the wall.”

Man takes safety off gun after drinking while his wife hides in bedroom with her daughter

feat Averette Justin

25-year-old Justin Averette was charged with aggravated domestic assault when police say he slapped, kicked, and then pulled a loaded gun on his wife during an argument at their apartment.