Repeat offender caught peeing in bushes, charged with public intoxication

feat Gaither Justin

34-year-old Justin Gaither was charged with public intoxication when he refused to speak with deputies and was urinating on the bushes.

NASA shirt leads to arrest in case of campaign staffer’s stolen motorcycle

23-year-old Steven Louissaint was charged in the theft of a motorcycle belonging to Jessica Breznican. Two men were caught on video stealing her motorcycle. When officers went to question Louissaint he was wearing the same shirt from the video.

Suspicious man flees into stranger’s home after being questioned by police

20-year-old Darrius Heard was charged with vandalism, criminal trespassing, and resisting arrest after he was questioned because he matched the description of a suspicious person in the area and fled into a stranger’s apartment when police attempted to detain him.

Uncle forces female to the ground twice while gripping her hair during argument

38-year-old Adam Collins was charged with domestic assault when his niece told authorities that he forced her to the ground not once, but twice, by her hair during an argument.

Camping trip gone wrong; Man threatens his brother with a broken beer bottle, per report

24-year-old Jesse Frazier was charged with aggravated assault after he reportedly got mad at his brother for being gone too long to check on their things, and then proceeded to break a beer bottle, threatening to kill him with it.