Camping trip gone wrong; Man threatens his brother with a broken beer bottle, per report

24-year-old Jesse Frazier was charged with aggravated assault after he reportedly got mad at his brother for being gone too long to check on their things, and then proceeded to break a beer bottle, threatening to kill him with it.

On September 12th, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Paddock was dispatched to the boat ramp at North Lock B regarding an aggravated assault that already occurred. Michael Frazier told the deputy when he and his brother, Jesse Frazier, were swimming, drinking alcohol, and kayaking. He left Jesse where they were swimming and kayaking to check on their alcohol and personal belongings, which was about half a mile away.

Jesse Frazier (MCSO)
Jesse Frazier (MCSO)

Michael said that when he returned Jesse was irate about how long he was gone, refusing to get on the kayak, and return to their camping site. Instead, he took off walking. Michael stated that when they got back Jesse was yelling that he was going to kill his brother, grabbed a beer bottle, and broke it, pointing it at him. Jesse began walking towards Michael but slipped in the mud and fell, which caused him to cut his finger. They have a history of domestic incidents, which Michael said made him fear for his life.

Jesse Frazier was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bail was set at $2,500.

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