Oak Grove woman caught with fentanyl on a lottery ticket

35-year-old Marisa Oropeza was charged with unlawful drug paraphernalia, contraband in a penal institution, and simple possession of fentanyl after being charged during a traffic stop. Powdered opioids were found on Oropeza’s person in the form of a lottery ticket while in Montgomery County Jail.

On May 23rd, Officer Hickmon noticed a red Honda turning off of Power St onto Providence Blvd. The Honda failed to complete the turn onto Providence, initiating a traffic stop from Hickmon on 108 Adkins St. Hickmon then met the two individuals inside the vehicle, driver Danny Martin and passenger Marisa Oropeza.

Marisa Oropeza (MCSO)
Marisa Oropeza (MCSO)

Martin denied consent and a K9 public odor sniff was conducted around the car. The K9 was alerted during the public odor sniff, triggering a probable cause search on the Honda. According to the affidavit, Oropeza’s purse was revealed to contain multiple pieces of aluminum foil with a burnt residue and several half-straws containing residue.

Oropeza was arrested for an active warrant. Later, jail deputies discovered a lottery ticket on Oropeza’s person, holding a pink powder. A field test confirmed the powder to be fentanyl.

Marisa Oropeza was arrested and charged with simple possession, contraband in a penal institution, and unlawful drug paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $30,000.

Blaine Kellar

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