Man threatens to cut brother’s throat before firing sawed-off shotgun at his face

40-year-old Michael “Tubs” Tuberville was charged with domestic assault after dry firing a blank round from a sawed-off shotgun in his brother’s face when they decided to fight and things escalated. Tuberville struck his brother in the head with the stock of the shotgun after he fired.

On May 21st, Deputy Moore arrived at Tennova Hospital around 9:30 pm for an assault that already occurred. He made contact with the victim who said that he and his brother, the defendant, Michael Tuberville, got into a fight on May 18th. Michael told the victim to “put up your hands, and let’s fight like men.” Then said that he would do him one better by saying “I’ll cut your throat” and grabbed a sawed-off shotgun that he put in the victim’s face and fired.

Michael Tuberville (MCSO)
Michael Tuberville (MCSO)

There was only a blank inside the weapon so all it did was blow what the victim described was a large puff of air into his face. After firing, Michael grabbed the shotgun like a baseball bat and swung it at the victim and striking him in the back of the head, which the nursing staff said was congruent with the knot they observed on the back of his head.

Michael Tuberville was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $15,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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  1. […] Timothy was taken to the hospital in May of this year after an altercation where his brother, Michael Tuberville, fired a blank round from a shotgun in his face before hitting him with the gun itself. […]

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