Palmyra neighbor charged with stalking, disorderly conduct

Daniel Senft

24-year-old Daniel Senft, Jr. of 4368 Old Metal Rd. in Palmyra was charged with stalking his neighbor, disorderly conduct, not having his vehicle registered, and not having insurance after he repeatedly drove by his neighbor’s house playing loud music and revving the engine of his car.

On May 28, 2020, Deputy Evans responded to a call from a woman who said that Senft was harassing her by driving by multiple times playing loud music and revving the engine in the past week and continued it on May 28. While Deputy Evans was there, Senft drove by multiple times harassing his neighbor. The deputy warned Senft not to bother the neighbor anymore. As the officer was leaving, another call came in about Senft harassing the same neighbor again.

Daniel Senft, Jr. (MCSO)

The resident showed proof of Senft driving by after the deputy had warned him to stay away. Senft continued to drive by while the deputy was there. On seeing the deputy, Senft left his driveway yet another time and drive by the neighbor’s house. The neighbor showed video from the night before where Senft had been driving by her house. And, she said it had been happening for the last week. Senft didn’t have any insurance on the vehicle. It also was unregistered.

Daniel Senft, Jr. was arrested and charged with stalking, disorderly conduct, registration violation and financial responsibility. He is out on a $1,000 bond.

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