Elderly man threatens woman, “B–ch I’ll kill you with this golf club”

61-year-old Ricky Webb was charged with getting into an argument with the victim so he told her to leave and she refused so he “tapped” her with a golf club telling her that he could kill her with it.

On May 21st, Officer Baker arrived at 413 Farris Drive and spoke with the victim about possible domestic violence or aggravated assault call they received. Both the victim and the defendant, Ricky Webb, spoke to the police. The victim told police that they were in an argument that turned physical when Webb told her to leave and she refused.

Ricky Webb (MCSO)
Ricky Webb (MCSO)

He then picked up a golf club and “tapped” her on the arm and told her “Bitch I’ll kill you with this golf club.” Police stated via the report that they did not notice any visible damage to her right arm where they told them that he “tapped” her. Webb was deemed the primary aggressor so he was transported to Montgomery County Jail.

Ricky Webb was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $2,500.

Sebastian Shaw

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