Man repeatedly slaps ex-girlfriend while she is on the toilet

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19-year-old Devin Bartlett was charged with domestic assault after he reportedly slapped his ex-girlfriend while she was in the bathroom, and pushed her onto a bed by her neck.

On September 6th, Clarksville Police Officer Timothy Green was dispatched to a domestic assault call at 143 Lynnwood Circle. Ranazjah Hill explained that she had stayed the night at her ex-boyfriend’s house, which he shares with his mother, Brenda Ball. Hill said she was using the restroom when Bartlett opened the door and asked her to hurry up. He then entered the restroom where they engaged in a verbal argument. Bartlett backhanded Hill four times while she was sitting on the toilet.

Devin Bartlett (MCSO)

The physical altercation continued into Bartlett’s bedroom. Hill stated that Bartlett placed his hands around her neck as he pushed her onto the bed, but advised officers that she was able to breathe and was not held down. Hill admitted that Bartlett and his mother asked her to leave their residence and she was locked outside. Hill kicked the front door open and reentered the home. She had no visible injuries.

Devin Bartlett was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $3,500.

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