Ex-girlfriend kicks in door to continue domestic altercation

20-year-old Ranazjah Hill was charged with aggravated burglary when she kicked down her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s door breaking the latch and deadbolt lock.

On September 6th, Clarksville Police Officer Timothy Green was dispatched to 143 Lynnwood Circle for aggravated burglary. Upon arrival, Officer Green spoke with Brenda Ball who explained that her son, Devin Bartlett, and his ex-girlfriend, Ranazjah Hill, were involved in a domestic altercation. When there was a brief pause in the altercation, Ms. Ball was able to get Ranazja to leave the house and proceeded to lock the door.

Ranazjah Hill (MCSO)
Ranazjah Hill (MCSO)

Shortly after, Ranazjah re-entered the residence after she broke the latch and dead-bolt on the door by kicking it in. According to the report, Ranazjah refused to leave multiple times and when officers arrived she was still in the residence. It was determined that she broke in to continue the domestic altercation, however, no assault occurred after she re-entered.

Ranazjah Hill was arrested and charged with aggravated burglary. She is currently jailed in lieu of a $15,000 bond.

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