Man strangles pregnant girlfriend after she carves “cheater” into his SUV; both charged

30-year-old Christopher Simpson was charged with aggravated domestic assault and 36-year-old Ashley Giddens was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she carved “cheater” into his vehicle and he picked her up by her throat.

On September 6th, Clarksville Police Officer Roederer was dispatched to 1289 Winterset Drive regarding a domestic situation. Ashley Giddens explained that she and Christopher Simpson had an argument about issues in their relationship and she told him to leave the house. She admitted that she began throwing his clothes on the floor and while he was gathering some of his belongings she went outside and carved “cheater” into his SUV multiple times.

Ashley further stated that Christopher put her arm behind her back and pushed back into the residence where he picked her up by her throat and threw her into the wall several times. Ashley said that she was unable to breathe during the incident and that he then threw her into the door and walked away. At that point, Ashley called 911. Ashley Christopher stated that when he went to the kitchen to grab his phone Ashley began punching him in the chest. He also stated that when he went inside to gather his things Ashley followed him into the house still trying to argue. He did admit to pushing her up against the door to gather himself.

Christopher Simpson was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. His bond was set at $5,000. Ashley Giddens was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. Her bond was set at $2,000.

Auldonie Duby

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