Intoxicated woman refuses to leave shell gas station after hours

50-year-old Nancy Rivera was charged with public intoxication when she refused to leave a Shell gas station after closing time and did not have a sufficient way home.

On September 2nd, Clarksville Police Officer Renken responded to a public intoxication at a Shell gas station located at 1963 Madison Street. One of the gas station employees called the police when Nancy Rivera would not leave the premises at closing time. Officer Renken made contact with Rivera upon arrival.

Nancy Rivera (MCSO)
Nancy Rivera (MCSO)

The officer noticed she was having trouble standing, bloodshot eyes, and was slurring her speech. Renken also observed Rivera smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage. The officers on the scene called a Spanish speaking officer to come and speak with Rivera, but could still not identify how she got there or how to get her home due to her level of intoxication. Rivera was taken into custody for her safety.

Nancy Rivera was arrested and charged with public intoxication. She was released on own recognizance.

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