Man kneels on wife’s chest when she tries to defend herself; per report

58-year-old Troy Dyce was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment when he threatened his wife with a step stool, pulled her hair, threw her on the bed, and strangled her multiple times in an attempt to prevent her from leaving.

On September 1st, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Jones spoke with Patricia Dyce who stated that she and her husband, Troy Dyce, had gotten into an argument when he assaulted her. Patricia stated that Troy took a step stool out of their bedroom closet and held it over her head threatening to hit her with it. She said that after he set the stool down he strangled her, pulled her hair, and placed his knees on her chest which prevented her from breathing and then twisted her arm behind her back.

Troy Dyce (MCSO)
Troy Dyce (MCSO)

Patricia further stated that he tried to prevent her from leaving the home by throwing her on the bed strangling her again as well as placing his knees on her chest. She advised that she fought back in self-defense and ran out of their residence to her daughter’s home. According to the affidavit, Troy had been arrested for domestic assault in the past in February of 2016 and December of 2013 which had Patricia listed as the victim in both cases. She also stated that this was not the first time he has assaulted her but she did not report the incidents because she was afraid for her life.

Troy Dyce was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment. His bond was set at $15,000.

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