Georgia fugitive gets physical with wife; police have to pull him off her

22-year-old Larry Hixon was charged with domestic assault, resisting arrest, and fugitive from justice after officers had to remove him from atop his wife to arrest him.

On August 26th, Clarksville Police Officer Thompson was dispatched to a domestic in progress at 200 South Hampton Place. Officers made contact with Ashea Cole at the front door and then with Porsche Hixon and Larry Hixon Jr. in the bedroom. They all agreed the argument started over marital affairs. Larry was laying on Porsche, hugging her.

Larry Hixon (MCSO)
Larry Hixon (MCSO)

She wanted him to stop, but he would not get off of her. Officer Thompson gave the command for Larry to get off of his wife or he would be taken off of her. He told the officers they would have to take him off of her, so they did. Sometime after being detained it was discovered that Larry is currently a fugitive from Muscogee County, Georgia.

Larry Hixon was arrested and charged with domestic assault, resisting arrest, and being a fugitive from justice. He is jailed in lieu of a $252,000 bond.

Janel Helms

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