Dover woman attempts to flee from police twice at traffic stop

21-year-old Faith Jacks was charged with evading arrest, resisting arrest, driving on a revoked license, and unlawful drug paraphernalia when she refused to obey police commands at a traffic stop and attempted to drive off.

On July 3rd, close to 1 am Deputy Rivera noticed a small SUV while traveling on Dover Road with a taillight out and initiated a traffic stop of the vehicle driven by the defendant, Faith Jacks.

Faith Jacks (MCSO)
Faith Jacks (MCSO)

She had no form of identification for the deputy when asked and did not comply with the instructions to step out of the vehicle that was given multiple times. Jacks then attempted to start the vehicle and flee from the traffic stop. The vehicle was then placed into park by deputies who entered the vehicle and made Jacks step out.

While she was outside the vehicle she tried escaping on foot so deputies placed her right wrist into handcuffs. She continued to pull away and resist deputies up until she was placed into custody and transported to booking. After they positively identified Jacks, a computer check showed that her license had been revoked. A search of her vehicle revealed that she had two loaded, capped needles and a glass pipe in her purse.

Faith Jacks was arrested and charged with evading and resisting arrest, driving on a revoked license, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $22,500.

Sebastian Shaw

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