Clarksville woman jumps on and strikes husband with flashlight

23-year-old Amber Hackney was charged with aggravated domestic assault after she jumped on her husband during a heated argument and then scratched him, placed her arm against his throat, and struck him with a flashlight.

On May 28th, Officer Reynolds was dispatched to a domestic assault call in Clarksville. The victim, Amber Hackney’s husband, informed Reynolds that he was involved in a heated altercation that turned physical when Hackney jumped on to him while he was sitting and began to scratch at his chest. She then placed her arm on his throat, limiting his breathing.

Amber Hackney (MCSO)
Amber Hackney (MCSO)

The victim proceeded to strike his wife in self-defense, to which she responded by grabbing a flashlight and hitting his arm with it. After being struck, the victim decided to vacate the premises. Reynolds observed notable injuries to the husband’s arm, neck, and torso regions.

Amber Hackney was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,500.

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