Women caught ‘dumpster diving’ behind City Thrift admits to possessing meth

40-year-old Kara Yeager and 36-year-old Tiffany Taylor were charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia when they were found dumpster diving behind City Thrift and then admitted to police they had meth in their possession and consented to a vehicle search.

On July 25th, CPD Officer Clint Sutton noticed two women, later identified as Kara Yeager and Tiffany Taylor, dumpster diving behind City Thrift on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. According to the affidavit, City Thrift’s policy for dumpster divers is for police to trespass the suspects from the property.

Taylor and Yeager told Officer Sutton they came in a Subaru Legacy that Yeager had the keys for and they consented to a search. Before the search, Taylor admitted there were drugs in the vehicle. The officer found meth inside a zippered pouch and there were approximately two baggies containing half a gram of field-tested positive meth and a loaded syringe with field-tested positive meth. There was also a black pouch that Taylor claimed ownership of that contained scales, glass pipes, and baggies. After Officer Sutton warned Yeager of her Miranda rights she admitted that she had used and sold methamphetamine.

Kara Yeager was arrested and charged with felony meth violation, possession of meth with intent, and unlawful drug paraphernalia. Her total bond was set at $25,000.

Tiffany Taylor was arrested and charged with possession of meth, unlawful drug paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $30,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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