Woman scratches and hits roommate when she slams door in her face

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40-year-old Cristi Harris was charged with domestic assault when a demand for her roommate’s house keys turned physical and she scratched her roommate’s face and bruised her arm.

On August 30th, Clarksville Police Officer Torres was dispatched to a domestic violence call located at 38 Summer Street. Upon arrival, Officer Torres spoke to Jayla Stovall who stated her roommate, Cristi Harris, came into her room cursing and demanding the key to the property. Jayla advised that she was getting ready for work so she closed the door on her. She informed police that while she was getting ready, Cristi opened the door and began to hit her in the face, and did so again when she was dialing 911. Jayla confessed that she grabbed Cristi by her hair to get her off of her and that Cristi scratched her face in retaliation.

Cristi Harris (MCSO)
Cristi Harris (MCSO)

Officer Torres then spoke with Cristi, who recounted a different series of events. She advised police that Jayla had been letting strangers into the residence without her permission. Cristi explained to Officer Torres that she had gone to Jayla’s bedroom to demand the keys to the home be returned when Jayla slammed the door and it struck her in the face. Cristi admitted that she slung the door back open and that Jayla clawed her in the face as she said “I am 21. I can go where I want.” Cristi confessed to retaliating when Jayla scratched her face.

Officer Torres noted in the affidavit there were multiple scratches on Jayla’s face and a bruise on her left arm. The officer also made note of a small scratch on Cristi’s face, however, due to the extent of Jayla’s injuries, Cristi was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Cristi Harris was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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