Woman reports assault after she smacks her boyfriend’s brother with “box fan”

48-year-old Mary Webber was charged with domestic assault after she reported to police that her boyfriend’s brother had assaulted her, but police determined she was lying and had actually smacked him in the head with a box fan, per report.

On August 30th, Officer Moss spoke to Mary Webber at 114 Friar Drive about an assault that occurred between her and her boyfriend’s brother, Scott Specchio. She stated he hit her in the face three times and struck her in the leg where she had a bruise. Officer Moss reported that he did not see any visible marks indicative of her claim nor the bruise on her leg consistent with a strike.

Mary Webber (MCSO)
Mary Webber (MCSO)

Specchio was on Tobacco Road when the officer made contact with him. He stated that when he was going to his bedroom, Webber hit him in the back of the head with an object that he suspected was a box fan. After hitting him, she began assaulting him from behind.

In an attempt to break free, he admitted to grabbing her right leg. Once free, he left the residence to disengage from the situation. Marks were seen on his back, head, and abdomen, some of which appeared to be large abrasions, according to the report.

Mary Webber was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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