Woman knees man in genitals after he shoves her; both charged with assault

37-year-old Ashley Geiger and 37-year-old Josh Geiger were both charged with domestic assault when an argument turned physical causing Ashley to have a cut leg and Josh a cut lip.

On June 27th, Officer Parnell came to 240 Timber Court Drive to a domestic dispute between Ashley and Josh Geiger.

Ashley stated that at 11 pm on the 26th, she and Josh began arguing when he shoved her. She said that when she was shoved her leg hit the side of a table cutting it. Josh admitted to shoving Ashley but only after she slapped him in the face three times and kneeing him in the genitals. Gary Teague, Ashley’s brother, said that he witnessed the fight but could not remember who started the physical confrontation.

Ashley Geiger and Josh Geiger were arrested and charged with domestic assault. Their bonds were set at $1,000 each.

Sebastian Shaw

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