Clarksville teen destroys the family mailbox and threatens to kill the victim

18-year-old Chase “Alex” Sizemore was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when he hits the victim in the head, leaves to return with his brother and began threatening to kill the victim.

On June 28th, around 10 am Officer Hampton arrived at 2249 Blakemore Drive to speak to the girlfriend/mother, Crystal Westenbroek, and the victim. They told police about the domestic dispute involving the defendant, Chase Sizemore, who started with him inside the residence packing up to leave. While Sizemore was packing he began arguing with the victim so the victim and Westenbroek left the residence to sit on the front porch.

Chase Sizemore (MCSO)
Chase Sizemore (MCSO)

As Sizemore was leaving he hit the victim in the face and the back of the head, the report stated. The victim then threw his coffee onto Sizemore as well as the cup in defense. After this incident, Sizemore left the residence to return later with his brother Chance Sizemore. They both attempt to enter the residence but Westenbroek stood in the front door not letting them in.

They began threatening to hurt the victim when the victim finally decided to go outside. The brothers decided to leave in a Nissan Pathfinder while yelling that they are going to kill the victim. Chase Sizemore came back to the residence a third time and destroyed their mailbox which cost roughly $200. This is Chase Sizemore’s first adult domestic allegation.

Chase Sizemore was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism. His bond was set at $1,500.

Sebastian Shaw

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