Soldier gives girlfriend a bruised and bloody eye; incident reported by an eyewitness

feat Barada, Lasun

21-year-old Lasun Barada was charged with domestic assault after an eye witness called 911 to report that he had thrown his girlfriend to the ground and punched her in the face repeatedly.

On August 14th, Officer William Baker as dispatched to 1232 Marla Drive in regards to a domestic disturbance. Kaytlin Collins called 911 on behalf of Sabrina Riley to report that Lasun Barada had assaulted his girlfriend. Collins advised police that she had witnessed Barada grabbed Riley, threw her to the floor, and punched her multiple times in the face.

Lasun Barada (MCSO)
Lasun Barada (MCSO)

Sabrina Riley had swelling, bruising, and blood around her left eye, and her statement corroborated Collin’s account to 911 dispatch. Lasun Barada was arrested on the scene instead of being issued a citation due to the nature of the offense and the level of intoxication. Lasun Barada does not have a criminal history.

Lasun Barada was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $2,500.

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