Soldier and wife get physical over smoking in the house; roommate caught in the shuffle

26-year-old Jeremiah Dail and 25-year-old Ashley Dail were charged with domestic assault after they get physical over smoking in the house and one of them puts their roommate in a chokehold.

On August 10th, Officer Dube was dispatched to 3223 South Senseney Circle for a domestic incident. The officer first spoke with Mrs. Dail who said she came home to find her husband drunk on the front porch smoking a cigarette and started arguing with him. The argument moved inside with Mr. Dail still smoking his cigarette, which she slapped out of his mouth.

He then came toward her and she pushed him away. Their roommate, Isela Clark attempted to step in between the two and diffuse the fight, but Mr. Dial put her in a headlock. He released her and left the house. Mr. Dail was detained for his actions toward the roommate and Mrs. Dail was detained for the actions she took against her husband.

Jeremiah and Ashley Dail were both arrested and charged with domestic assault. Their bonds were set at $1,500 each.

Janel Helms

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