Siblings brawl: Teen wrestles with sister and officer before they all go through a table

18-year-old Tyrone White was charged with domestic assault when he put his sister in a headlock and as an officer attempted to break up the altercation, the three of them went crashing through a wood and glass table.

On August 23rd, Officer Alex Morgan responded to a confrontation at 1351 Avondale Drive Apartments between two siblings, Tyesha White and Tyrone White. Sergeant Duke arrived at the residence and made contact with them. Tyrone then tried to pass Tynesha in the kitchen when she blocked his path.

Tyrone White (MCSO)
Tyrone White (MCSO)

Before Sergeant Duke could get between them, Tyrone placed Tyesha in a headlock. The officer and two siblings crashed through a wood and glass table when he attempted to separate them. After the scuffle, he was able to pull Tyesha away from Tyrone without anyone being injured.

Tyrone White was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $ 1,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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