Mother bloodies the lip of her child for reportedly causing her to lose her other 6 children to DCS

31-year-old Chantal Hayden was charged with domestic assault after busting the lip of her own juvenile whom she blames for the loss of her other six children.

On September 1st, Clarksville Police Officer Zachary Goodall was dispatched to 350 Pageant Lane for a domestic situation. The officer spoke to the juvenile child of Chantal Hayden who said her mother struck her in the face several times. She explained that Hayden did so because she blames her for the other six children being taken by the Department of Child Services.

Chantal Hayden (MCSO)
Chantal Hayden (MCSO)

Conswala Bonilla and Donya Tennail witnessed the fight and helped break it up eventually restraining Hayden but not before they saw her kick the juvenile. When Officer Goodall interviewed Hayden she refused to speak on the matter. the officer observed a laceration on the juvenile’s lip as well as bruising to her left eye. While being placed into custody police had to carry Hayden to the patrol vehicle because she was actively resisting arrest.

Chantal Hayden was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $1,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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