Soldier admits to wrongly driving drunk and striking two other vehicles

23-year-old Dave Badio was charged with driving under the influence, no insurance, and leaving the scene with damage after admitting to drinking and driving then damaging two vehicles in an apartment complex parking lot.

On August 29th, Clarksville Police Officer Gillard arrived at 131 Jack Miller Boulevard due to a call regarding driving under the influence. Officer Gillard was told by Officer Sager that she had heard squealing tires and a possible crash. She walked outside and saw two parked and damaged vehicles as well as another male, Dave Badio, leaving in a grey vehicle. The responding officer spoke with Badio and Ray Donovan who appeared to be intoxicated with slurred speech, red eyes and were unsteady on their feet.

Dave Badio (MCSO)
Dave Badio (MCSO)

When questioned Badio told Gillard that he and a friend had a couple of alcoholic drinks in his apartment earlier and that the decision to drive was a mistake. He admitted that he had damaged two other vehicles in the complex. Badio offered to pay for any and all repairs. After consenting to a breathalyzer test his blood alcohol content was found to be .137.

Dave Badio was arrested and charged with his first driving under the influence, leaving the scene with damage, and no proof of insurance. His bond was set at $5,000

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