Woman attempts to take her child back; gets charged with assault instead

41-year-old Fiona Sommerhalder was charged with assault after attempting to get her child while there is a custody agreement in place and attacking the juvenile’s legal guardian in the process.

On September 1st, Fiona Sommerhalder showed up to Tetyana Ewald’s residence at 1496 Amberley Drive unannounced. She was attempting to pick up her child, but there is a custody agreement in place. When Ewald opened the door, the child ran out and towards the road.

Fiona Sommerhalder (MCSO)
Fiona Sommerhalder (MCSO)

Ewald attempted to stop the child, but Sommerhalder grabbed her by the neck, scratching her in the process. She then began hitting and scratching Ewald. Sommerhalder also pushed and kicked her in the left leg causing injury. Ms. Ewald was transported to Blanchfield Medical on Fort Campbell.

Fiona Sommerhalder was arrested and charged with assault. Her bond was set at $1,000.

Bella Shedio

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