Man threatens his husband’s lover: “I’ll slit your throat and bury you in the backyard”

30-year-old Jarred Morse was charged with domestic assault for telling the victim that he would slit his throat and bury him in the backyard causing the victim to hide in the closet with a pair of scissors.

On May 8th, around 11:30 pm Officer Stach arrived at 3300 Backridge Road for a domestic in progress. When the officer arrived he spoke with Jarred Morse, who said that he and his husband Hughes White got into a verbal argument about an affair with their roommate, the victim. The victim told Officer Stach that he called 911 when Morse threatened him by saying that he would slit the victim’s throat and bury him in the back yard.

Jarred Morse (MCSO)
Jarred Morse (MCSO)

Officer Stach asked if that statement put the victim in fear of his life or bodily harm, the victim said yes and that he hid in the closet with a pair of scissors for protection until the police showed up. When Officer Stach asked the victim if he had a sexual relationship at any time with Morse he said yes. White gave a statement later saying that he was not there when Morse threatened the victim and that he was not in fear of Morse.

Jarred Morse was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $500.

Sebastian Shaw

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