Man shoots at victim after she knocks on his truck window, barely misses her head

53-year-old Frederick Thomas was charged with aggravated assault when he arrived in his truck and shot at the victim who knocked on his window then drove away.

On July 19th, Officer Pacheco arrived at the residence, 134 Dave Drive, in response to the suicide threat at 8:12 PM. The victim of an aggravated assault told police that the defendant, Frederick Thomas, was threatening suicide and shot at her. She went on to say that she was at the residence when Thomas pulled up in his Ford F150 and was dozing in and out.

Frederick Thomas (MCSO)
Frederick Thomas (MCSO)

When he arrived she said she tapped on the window and he mumbled, pulled out a Smith and Wesson from his center console to put it to his head. Then he turned and pointed the weapon at her and fired a single round right by her head. After firing the shot, she said he then put the truck in reverse and drove off.

Police made contact with Thomas at 604 Bunker Hill Road who told police that he argued with the victim on the cell phone when she would not come home to help him get his keys. He consented to a search of his truck where the officers found two Smith and Wesson handguns. One of these handguns had a bullet missing and there was a shell casing in the vehicle. When they asked him how that had gotten there, he said that he brought it back with him when he recently had gone to a range.

Frederick Thomas was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $10,000.

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