Clarksville man smashes woman’s cell phone and then strangles her

feat Phelps, Foy

30-year-old Foy Phelps was charged with aggravated domestic assault and vandalism after smashing a woman’s cell phone, punching, and strangling her during an argument about cigarettes.

On July 13th, Officer Matthew Harrington was dispatched to a domestic assault. The woman was at her neighbor’s home when the officer arrived. She reported that she had gotten into an argument with Foy Phelps because he did not have cigarettes. Phelps then took her phone, valued at $350, and smashed it on the floor before punching her in the head. She stated that after that he grabbed her by the throat and began to strangle her causing her to fear for her life.

Foy Phelps (MCSO)
Foy Phelps (MCSO)

Officer Harrington noted that she had a welt on her head and marks on her neck. Foy Phelps denied that there was any physical altercation, but did admit that they had gotten into an argument. According to the arrest report, both parties smelled heavily of alcohol and admitted to having several beers prior to the dispute. There were no domestic assault charges on Phelp’s record prior to this incident. Officer Harrington found Foy Phelps to be the primary aggressor and placed him into custody.

Foy Phelps was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and vandalism. His bond was set at $9,000.

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