Man refuses his medication and says “f**k y’all” after shoving knife into table

61-year-old Charles Haywood was charged with aggravated assault when he made a female victim fear for her life after using profanity and jamming a butcher knife into the table.

On July 18th, close to 9:30 pm Officer Hickmon spoke to the complainant of a domestic assault. Charles Haywood, the defendant, had gotten into an argument with the victim about him not taking his medication.

Charles Haywood (MCSO)
Charles Haywood (MCSO)

Reportedly he was upset because they were trying to evict him so during the argument he grabbed a large butcher knife. He jammed the knife into the table saying, “Fuck y’all” which put the complaint in immediate fear for her life. When police spoke to Haywood about the argument and all he said was “Ask them.” Also, the police reported that he did have a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath.

Charles Haywood was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic assault. His bond was set at $7,500.

Sebastian Shaw

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