Man trying to file police report won’t tell CPD the reason, kicks out police vehicle window

51-year-old Benton Wickham was charged with vandalism, excessive 911 calls, and resisting arrest when he showed up at CPD to file a report but refused to tell officers the reason. While resisting arrest, he busted out the window of a cop car.

On July 20th, Clarksville Police Officer Davis responded to a service call at the Clarksville Police Department on 135 Commerce Street. According to the affidavit, Benton Wickham was there to file a police report but when Officer Davis asked what his complaint was he refused to repeat it to them. The officer also noted Wickham had used the 911 call box 6 times since the 19th.

Benton Wickham (MCSO)
Benton Wickham (MCSO)

When they resolved to take him into custody for excessive 911 calls Wickham refused to be do detained. After being taken to the ground and ultimately secured in the back of a vehicle he kicked until shattering the glass in the window. He was transported down the street .1 mile to the Montgomery County Jail at 120 Commerce Street.

Benton Wickham was arrested and charged with vandalism, excessive 911 calls, and resisting arrest. He is jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

Trish Butler

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