Man gives child a busted lip and black eye, asks the mother “You want me to abuse you like this?”

36-year-old William Mills was charged with domestic assault and child abuse for hitting a woman’s son causing him a black eye and a busted lip. He told the mother of the child that he would kill her and throw her out of the residence.

On July 19th, a little after 8:30 pm a victim of domestic violence told Officer Greenman that defendant, William Mills, placed her and everyone in the residence, 317 Audrea Lane, in fear of their lives. She reported that Mills hit an underage victim in the face, blackening his eye and busting his lip. Mills threatened to abuse her, kill her, and throw her out of the residence.

William Mills (MCSO)
William Mills (MCSO)

Reportedly, she told police that he hits the underage victim for no reason. When she asked Mills what he was doing she stated that he replied with, “you want me to abuse you like this?” The victim had audio recordings that Officer Greenman listened to with Mills threatening her and the child. Mills stated that he did not touch the child that day. He continued to say that he only punishes the child occasionally when needed.

One teenager in the house told Officer Greenman that he has witnessed Mills threatening and hitting the underage victim, leaving the victim with bruises. Another teenager stated the same exact story as the first. Officer Greenman observed the black eye and swollen lip on the victim and took written statements from all the individuals.

William Mills was arrested and charged with domestic assault and child abuse. His bond was set at $15,000.

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