Man hits woman and breaks things because “someone is screwing him over with his money”

42-year-old Bryant Butler was charged with domestic assault for hitting the victim in the head with a closed fist after trashing the house because “someone is screwing over with his money.”

On June 25th, close 1 pm Officer Sager arrived 15 Sherwood Hills Drive and made contact with the victim of a domestic assault. Before Officer Sager arrived on the scene the defendant had already left. The victim said that she and the defendant, Bryant Butler, were arguing earlier that morning around 5:30 am. Bryant entered the bedroom screaming, “someone is screwing with him over with his money” while the victim was sleeping.

Bryant Butler (MCSO)
Bryant Butler (MCSO)

Then an hour later he began screaming at her again over a Facebook post that she liked which she ignored until he started breaking things in the living room. She then called his mother, Talyssa Butler, who arrived around noon to help deescalate the problem. Talyssa came in and walked downstairs to the basement where she found Bryant and began trying to calm him down.

While still talking, Bryant walked upstairs to the bedroom where the victim was working and tried to attack her knocking off her computer and printer. The victim caught the computer and put it on the table next to the bed but Bryant got a hold of her and hit her in the side of the face with a closed fist. She was only able to escape when his mother held him down and she then called 911.

Bryant Butler was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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