Man “takes it too far” and hits woman with glass bottle after she denies sexual favors

61-year-old Richard Barker was charged with aggravated assault after he hit a woman in the head with a glass bottle several times because she denied his sexual advances. Barker later admitted to police that he hit her once with the bottle, but didn’t know where.

On June 26th, Officer Baker made contact with Officer Riley at 936 Ford Street in response to an aggravated assault. Officer Riley spoke to the victim who said that she and the defendant, Richard Barker had been squatting at the residence. She went on to say that they were engaged in an argument that turned physical when she refused sexual favors.

Richard Barker (MCSO)
Richard Barker (MCSO)

The officers noticed small cuts on her head and wrists suggesting that she was struck several times in those areas with a glass bottle. Barker had left but was said to be heading to 4B Ernest Shelton Drive where police found him exiting the residence out of the back door. They interviewed barker, who said that he “took it too far” and became angry. He also said that he only struck the victim one time with the glass bottle but could not remember where.

Richard Barker was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $15,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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