Man blows a .175 BAC level after telling officers he drank 4 Ice House beers

60-year-old Lyle Tucker was charged with his first driving under the influence offense when he admitted to officers he drank four Ice House’s before striking a vehicle while attempting to merge into another lane.

On September 9th, Montgomery County Police Officer Sarah Sager was dispatched to McDonald’s located at 1644 Fort Campbell Boulevard regarding driving under the influence. The officer made contact with the driver of the white Nissan Pathfinder, Lyle Tucker, who was standing by the passenger side of his vehicle speaking to the driver of the vehicle he hit. Officer Sager reported that Lyle was stumbling into the roadway behind his vehicle as she approached him. He claimed that the Honda was taking too long to take a right turn into the parking lot and that he struck the rear of the vehicle as he was trying to merge into the middle travel lane.

Lyle Tucker (MCSO)
Lyle Tucker (MCSO)

The officer stated that she could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Lyle’s person and that he was very unsteady on his feet with slurred speech. When Officer Sager asked him if he had been drinking he advised that he had drunk four Ice House beers. Lyle agreed to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tasks and reportedly did poorly on all tasks initiated. When he was transported to booking he blew into an intoximeter and his blood alcohol content level was determined to be .175.

Lyle Tucker was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. His bond was set at $2,500.

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