Local MMA fighter found asleep at the wheel blows three times over legal limit

29-year-old Isaac Morris was charged with his second DUI and driving on a revoked license when he was found asleep in the turning lane on 101st heading towards Peachers Mill and admitted to drinking at Tilted Kilt prior to driving.

On September 6th, CPD Officer Horton found Isaac Morris asleep at the wheel in the turning lane of 101st Airborne Division Parkway onto Peachers Mill. He did so after two separate calls complained of Morris swerving, almost striking other vehicles, and hitting a guardrail. The light to turn onto Peachers Mill was green but Morris stayed stationary.

When the officer knocked on the window of his red Ford Focus several times, he did not wake up but finally did after tapping on it with his baton. He told police that he did not know where he was. He then said that he was not driving, but he was the only person in the vehicle and was in the driver’s seat. Officer Horton reported that he could smell alcohol emitting from Morris and he could not stand on his own.

At the nearby Minit Mart located at 1230 Peachers Mill Road, the officer had Morris perform a standard field sobriety test. He exhibited many signs indicating impairment. He told police that he had a shot of tequila and one Budweiser beer at Tilted Kilt prior to driving. When he was given a breathalyzer test, the final result came out to be a 0.24 blood alcohol content. After checking the system it showed that his license was revoked from a DUI that he got on August 10th.

Isaac Morris was arrested and charged with DUI second offense, driving on a revoked license, and no driver’s license. His bond was set at $6,000.

Sebastian Shaw

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