Homeless man found wandering in the streets of Downtown Clarksville

55-year-old Vincent Ferrell was charged with public intoxication near the intersection of College and North 1st Street after a complaint was received about a man wandering in the middle of the road.

On May 13th, Officer Jennifer Renken was dispatched to the crossing of College and North 1st Street in response to a call about a man wandering in the street. Upon arrival to a man matching a description given by the complainant, Officer Renken began to make contact with the man, later identified as Vincent Ferrell.

Vincent Ferrell (MCSO)
Vincent Ferrell (MCSO)

After noticing Ferrell’s level of intoxication, Renken proceeded to call for an ambulance in order to check on him. He then refused their assistance with a loud voice.

According to the affidavit, Ferrell was attempting to walk to Providence Boulevard. Being unable to walk under his own power and being a danger to those around him, Renken then arrested Ferrell, taking him to the Montgomery County Jail.

Vincent Ferrell was arrested and charged with public intoxication. His bond was set at $439.

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