Girlfriend assaults boyfriend by hitting him in the head repeatedly and striking him with phone

34-year-old Chevelle Little was charged with domestic assault when she cut her boyfriend’s neck while punching him in the head and hitting him with her phone.

On May 2nd, Officer DeJesus responded to a call where he made contact with the victim of domestic assault. The victim told police that he and his girlfriend, Chevelle Little, engaged in a verbal altercation inside his vehicle in the driveway. They both exited the vehicle and Little walked down the street, she came back to argue more and grabbed his shirt, began hitting him in the head, and struck him with her phone.

Chevelle Little (MCSO)
Chevelle Little (MCSO)

The victim said he retrieved the phone from her and entered his vehicle, she then got it back after he entered the vehicle. Little described the victim’s demeanor as aggressive while they were arguing and that he attempted to hit her but missed. Little was determined to be the aggressor, so police took her into custody and transported her to Montgomery County Jail.

Chevelle Little was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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